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“We are buried beneath the weight of information, which is being confused with knowledge; quantity is being confused with abundance and wealth with happiness. ― Tom Wait

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. –Pablo Picasso

5.22.2023.yard 5.27.2023.birdouting abstract afternoon air show airplane alaska americana animal antique antique car aqua architecture arsenal audi audi club automobile automotive babcock state park backroad badlands bar barn barn location barns bbq beach bean beer bench bif bifs bird birds black black bear blue blue heron blue sky bluem reflection boat boats bolingbrook bridge brule buffalo building building interior buildings bumble bee bus bw cabin canadian geese cantigny car cardinal cbg cedar waxwing cemetery chevy chicago chicago botanical garden chicago botanical gardens chicken church city cityscape civil war classic clock cloud cloud gate clouds cold color comet container country road cows curated custer danada fall desaturated devil's tower dogs door doors downers grove duck dune dupage river park dusk eagle egret evergreen experiment exterior faith fall farm fence fermi lab field fireworks flags flea market flower flowers fog food forest frog frost frozen gas station grain elevator grass grassland green grist mill hank's farm hills historic hood ornament horizon horse house ice illinois illinois river industrial insects interior joliet kenosha knoch knolls ladd lake lake michigan lake sylvan landscape leaf lemont life guard stand lighthouse lone tree mark marsh michigan city milkweed monochomatic monochromatic monochrome morning mounds mountain mountain goat music naperville nature neon night outdoors owl canyon panorama pastels path peaks pedestal rock pelican petersburg photo gear photography pink plane plants pond prairie prarie purple ravine rays red red barn reflection rips river rivers road rock rock run rookery rural rust sail boats sand sandwich sault saint marie shadow sign signage silhouette sky sky night sky skyline small town smokey mountain national park snow snowy owl soft song bird south dakota sparrow spearfish spider spider web split rock spring springbrook prarie springfield starved rock state capital steam engine steam engines steve street sumpthins sun rays sunflower sunrise sunset taquamenon theater tractor trains transportation tree trees truck turtle union valley walk wall water water tower watercraft waterfall whalon lake white wildcat den state park window woodpecker yellow yellow field
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